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Geo Marketing Senior Specialist

  • To develop everyday’s regular and ad-hoc reports in highest quality and without any delay and adjust to recipients comments on time specially regional and specially to what is related to Sales and Technical. To follow up on actions (if any) on any deviation.
  • To propose new reports that zero-in on root causes of declines or issues and deliver on time and follow up on their actions.
  • To propose better designs of post-mortems that identifies gaps and abuse of the process and follow up to how to solve them.
  • To propose new platforms and formats/templates to deliver insights in ways that suits To re-assure data quality by special monitors To save time by requesting automated reports that enables reducing time of delivering reports and giving more time to more innovative ways of moving teams actions with finesse.
  • To develop models that produces more action-oriented indicators specially geographic.
  • To manage the presentation templates and preserve rules and fonts and look & feel.
  • To plan annually any need to automate and review quarterly with Geo marketing team members dealing with IT.


Qualifications Essential

- BSc in an Engineering Business or Statistics discipline

- Excellent computer skills including MS-Office- Very good in Arabic & English (reading writing and oral)

-Excellent presentation skills- Diplomas related to Analytics

Qualifications Desirable

- Statistics- Sales diploma or MBA- GIS related certificate

Experience Essential

- Minimum 2 years of experience

- Insights Analytics & Presentations to Top Management

- Leading inter-departmental projects/committees specially ones of Technical and Sales of Telecom

Experience Desirable

- Distribution or Retail Sales experience

- Project Management

- Telecom engineering experience

Experience Essential

- Analytics

- Statistics and Modeling

- Presentation and Management