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UI/UX Manager

- To set Etisalat’s Digital User Experience & Interface strategy and lead the end to end digital experience & visual flows
o Defining & Implementing Etisalat strategic UX/UI vision & guidelines for all Digital Channels related to Core & new functions/features.
o Responsible for the strategy & design of Etisalat multi-context, multi-channel digital user experience with the primary aim of solving customer pain & providing an Omni channel digital experience
o Set consistent Digital seamless Experience across all Etisalat Digital Channels targeting seamless transition across different portals
o Ensure the consistency of the digital visual designs with the company brand guidelines.
o Build best in-class digital customer experience across all digital touch points by adopting & deploying design processes, digital guideline & design technologies.
o Drives the product from creation of design concepts to the final launch of the product
o Leads the team responsible for translating all new digital concepts into user flows, wireframes, mock-ups & prototypes that lead to intuitive & consistent user experiences.
o Collaborate closely with product development teams from the business and technical sides to shape a data-informed vision for the digital user experience.
o Manage & build partnerships with the Industry experts & consultants to assist Etisalat in designing & executing efficient UI/UX strategy.
- Define the methodologies to understand the user behaviour through qualitative and quantitative approaches.
o Build dashboards to measure the impact & uplift of UI/UX on customer digital satisfaction & money spend.
o Full design of usability heat maps that fully interpret & detect user digital behaviour
o Set solutions to promptly identify design problems & set proper methodologies
o Establish “Digital Labs” to utilize both analytics & voice of customer in the interest of continuous & agile UI/UX enhancement & better management of CX across all digital channels
o Use industry references to continuously benchmark Etisalat performance against global references & industry standards
- Exploration & adoption of innovative interaction design trends & technologies aiming to reduce time to market & immediate detection of usability issues



Digital User Interface & Experience Strategy, Execution & Development

- Set Etisalat user interface long & short term strategy
- Set Etisalat digital experience long & short term strategy
- Set the look & feel guidelines for Etisalat Digital channels
- Maintains consistent experience, usability & look/feel across all channels
- Set seamless transition model correlating all digital channels
- Develop foundations for usability measurement& quantifying the impact on consumer digital usage & spend.
- Responsible for yearly KPIs for Etisalat digital customer satisfaction & TRIM
- Manage a team and accountable for the implementation of the plan and target set for the function
- Responsible for designing the digital experience, in app , web, eshop, ipipe..etc for all core or new features & products
- Responsible for testing the E2E experience & functionalities of new digital product launches
- Manage UI/UX development internally or with vendors, along with verification and approval
- Conduct business level verification and market testing for new digital products

Establish Health Checks Techniques for ongoing improvements

- Responsible for establishment of digital heat maps that reads the customer digital experience
- Develop tools that links the customer single identity & create the journey maps that supports monetization
- Create Digital Lab that adopts both qualitative & quantitative approach for better understanding of consumer digital experience.

Explore new trends of Usability & Digital Design

- Responsible for the research and development of new methodologies to enhance & automate the digital design & implementation
- Explore new technologies for spotting experience snags & glitches


Qualifications Essential

 A bachelor's degree in Computer science, Engineering or any related field.
 10+ years of work experience, 6+ years of experience leading design teams at consumer-focused companies.
 Fields of study must include Human Centered Design, User experience design, marketing, art, digital media, and interactive or graphic design.
 Excellent visual communication and self-learning skills to ensure effective integration of the newest design trends.
 Excellent Communication and presentation skills
 Problems solving and analytical thinking
 Time Management skills
 Excellent Negotiation skills
 Customers and results oriented
 Strong telecom technical knowledge
 Strong people management skills



 Computer programming skills (ex: HTML, CSS, JavaScript JQuery or other popular programming platforms).
 Solid telecom technical skills and awareness with Etisalat technical architecture