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Public Policy Manager

- Manage Etisalat Misr engagement with Presidential & Prime Minister Office. - Set our Etisalat Misr strategy of engagement with different Ministries (Ministry Of Finance Ministry Of Investment Ministry Of Trade & Commerce Ministry Of Electricity Ministry Of Insurance and Solidarity Ministry Of Justice Ministry Of Foreign affairs Ministry Of communication & Information Ministry Of Internal Trade Ministry Of Immigration).- Managing Etisalat Misr fuel Requirements through engaging the Ministry of petroleum/Egyptian General Petroleum Authority and Misr petroleum securing commercial benefit for Etisalat Misr and business continuity. - Working with the ministry of finance Ministry Of investment and the state counsel on Tax Savings.

Qualifications Essential
-- Broad diversified awareness of the know how of the business with additional weight on the knowledge and application of line management skills. - Can set and develop strategy for strategic projects and services.
Qualifications Desirablel
- Strong communication lobbying and negotiation vertically and horizontally with internal and external stakeholders to ensure timely attention and enthusiastic corporation from one side engage and deliver on operations and project implementation
Experience Essential
Min. of 10+ years of telecom industry experience.- Professional experience in stakeholders engagement
Experience Desirable
- Applications & database solutions background knowledge.
Experience Essential
- Bachelor Degree with an understanding of regulations and public policy.