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Principal Engineer, TX Capacity Planning

  1.  Planning ISP Transmission High capacity links networks to have a reliable, expandable and stable Transmission by applying effective solutions, mid and long term plans using the best in class technologies with reduced OPEX to align with the company Business plan and strategy.
  2. ISP Fixed Nodes Planning to have a reliable, expandable and stable Transmission Network by applying effective solutions, with effective cost to support Etisalat network growth.



  • ISP Fixed Nodes planning
    • Plan and design the port usage over all OSNs to have 75% Port usage
    • Integrate new /OSN/PTN 910/Metro 1000 nodes according to deployment Dash board  
    • Update the maintain the low level OSN database
    • Handling any TE L.L Follow up / Testing with TE and IPD team
    • Deliver TX L.Ls within agreed SLA and maintain customer satisfaction
    • Deliver TX Enterprise solution within agreed SLA and maintain customer satisfaction.
    • Expansions Plans needed on ISP SDH Nodes
    • Issuing and updating the regular reports of the ISP transmission network briefing the main issues for the different projects, the achievements and the concerns as well as Network Database update in order to keep upper management updated by raising flag for any issue that may disturb the running projects to meet their deadlines.


  • TX Nodes/ links Utilization
    • Handling Utilization reports for SDH ports/link/nodes
    • % Affected subs due to PoP congestion is not exceeding 4% per month
    • Ensure TX links Utilization per direction is not exceeding 90%
    • Ensure TX links Utilization per direction is not below 50%
    • Ensure TX Nodes Utilizations are within the KPI's
    • Ensure DSLAM - Metro/PTN B2B Utilization is not exceeding 75%
    • Ensure OSN - Router B2B Utilization is not exceeding 75%
    • Monthly Monitoring report about the VCT Network status and utilization
    • Ownership for Update and maintain the different  Access ports capacity {ADSL, SHDSL, Ethernet (Optical & Electrical) and ATM interfaces (STM-1, E3and E1s) for Cascading legacy ATM DSLAMs or new customers.
    • ADSL
      • Monitor ADSL ports Utilization {KPI: % of pending  ADSL subs due to port unavailability from sales}
      • Monitor Rate of ADSL installation & termination.
      • Ensure that there no closed Pops will affect sells.
      • Follow up with NDEP, TER & ADSL team.
      • Dismantle ADSL POPs/ports
    • SHDSL
      • Ensure that there are available ports for enterprise customer’s expansion.
      • Review SHDSL card’s chipset distribution to avoid wasting ports and affect utilization.
    • Ethernet (Optical & Electrical)
      • Ensure that there are available ports for enterprise customer’s expansion.
      • Ensure that there are available ports for TE Data or any other interconnection.
    • ATM interfaces (STM-1, E3and E1s).
      • Cascading legacy ATM DSLAMs locally at the CO.
      • Ensure that there is available ports for enterprise customer’s expansion.
  • ISP Transmission Capacity Database
    • Update and maintain the different  TX Capacity database with the latest network change
    • ISP Fixed Nodes
    • ISP Leased Lines
    •  ISP DSLAM
    • MSAN
    • Warehouse
      • Monitor warehouse utilization
      • Define warehouse items.
      • Warehouse items classification
      • Used Items.
      • Good but not used {zero transaction}
      • Scraped items
      • Decide action for not used items
    • Updating DB to monitor ISP network utilization and classify bit stream effect for saving sites resources.
    • Totally shutdown POPs due to Bit Stream Effect
    • Partially shut down POPs due to Bit Stream Effect
    • Redistribution action after MSAN affect
    • Low utilization & Zero ADSL sites.
  • ISP Special projects
    • Study all sites need to be upgraded to higher level from E1s to E3 and from E3 to STM-1 with same or better OPEX TX Service creation plan for different projects
    • Handle Congestion tickets within agreed SLA
    • Provide needed L.L connectivity for all Planned Expansions/Enterprise customers within approved budget.
    • Providing TX solutions for B2B customer’s offers and participating in tenders and customer visits.
    • Monthly HW /SW Action Tracking
    • Monthly Integration dashboard Tacking and reporting 
  • WIFI Expansion 
    • Handle Wifi sites expansion requirements. 
    • Handle Wifi sites termination process.
    • Monthly Wifi invoice review 




  • University Degree in Communications Engineering
  • Minimum 3 years’ Experience within ISP Networks Field
  • Strong in Transmission planning techniques, Knowledge of Transmission theories, Experience with different fixed & wireless transmission equipment.
  • Effective Communication & Negotiation skills
  • Ability to deal with difficult people at work
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Fiber / Microwave Transmission Networks & Mobile Networks Overview
  • Computer skills are a must, especially MS Excel.
  • Excellent in Arabic & English (Reading, Writing & Oral).


  • Familiar with Fiber / Mobile Network Topologies




  • Fiber / Microwave Transmission Network Planning
  • SDH Transmission planning
  • Fiber Optics Fundamentals
  • CCNA
  • Risk Management


  • PMP
  • DWDM system Planning

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