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Principal Engineer, Enterprise Service Provisioning 1

Job Details

  •   Responsible for configuring the whole ISP network along customer path.
  •   Responsible for configuring modems, routers, any other required equipment’s and testing them to ensure proper hardware operation.
  •   Prepare weekly installation plan by making sure that all components (devices, cables, TE work orders  ...) are available and all stakeholders are informed to ensure successful and smooth installation cases .
  •   Manage field technicians during the installation process at the central and customer site to ensure proper work steps are done by the tech.
  •   Work closely with customer during activation phase for his router configuration & troubleshoot for any problem.
  •   Responsible for testing new solutions that are set by technical Enterprise solution team to ensure the proper service delivery.
  •   Set and develop the working schedule for all Technicians to make sure all job orders are covered in time and ensure the installations are done properly and with company standards.
  •   In charge to orient, coach and train the installation team new members to ensure they have the appropriate skills needed to achieve the objectives according to company standards.
  •   Audit stock level and make sure that all required hardware are available at installation store.
  •   In charge for reviewing the transportation & accommodation papers of the technicians’ team to ensure the proper settlement of their travel allowance.
  •   Make sure that all technician team have the required technical tools to ensure performing of their task properly.
  •   Audit and supervise the monthly installations and maintain the company standard lead time to connect to manage the achievement of the department objectives.
  •   Responsible for the proper and prompt achievement of the installation plan in order to ensure all customer requirements are accurately performed.
  •   Prepare & Present a monthly/weekly reports for the service delivery manager to indicate team performance.

Ø  Ensure receiving installation reports signed by the customer to keep updated records of all orders that were fulfilled and upload them on system.

Ø  Prepare contract documents and evaluate tenders for implementation  or maintenance.

Ø  Technically assist team members in case of complicated problems

Ø  Present some weekly/monthly reports to the management to ensure their full awareness of the process detailed performance and objective achievement.

Ø  Investigate customers' problems & complains, which may be complex or long-standing problems.



Qualifications essential

  •   B. Sc. In Communications Engineering or computer Science
  •   CCNA


Qualification desirable

  •   CCNP
  •   MPLS
  •   Good knowledge in network devices configuration (Huawei ,Juniper)


Experience essential

  •   At least 6 years relevant experience in the telecommunication industry.


Experience desirable

  •   At least 2 years relevant experience in the telecommunication industry especially in IP technology.

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