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Maintenance Engineer


Field Network tasks:

  • Contact Principle Engineer to get daily tasks and take the proper action “Physical or configuration”
  • Communicate with TE represented engineer to fix Network problem specially that located in TE site “TE Fiber Rooms”
  • Refers to Principle Engineer all non-routine or abnormal Network problems to ensure repair of problem on time and with standard quality.
  • Confirm with Principle Engineer after solving the case to move to another site if needed.
  • Update Principle Engineer by every action taken to ensure the accuracy of tickets status and the availability of the updated information when needed.
  • Prepare a weekly report to Principle Engineer with hardware stored with him.
  • Accept all new items that installed by Network Deployment team/External vendor.
  • Attend all activities that related to our network devices, sites and shelter.


Enterprise Maintenance tasks:

  • Make field visit for Enterprise customer that’s needs engineer with Laptop (Microwave, 3G, WIFI and Leased line)
  • Attend with technician/Sr. technician any sophisticated physical problem that’s related to any fiber connections inside/outside TE central office and customer side and confirm their troubleshooting steps.
  • Refers to Field service Principle Engineer all non-routine or complicated maintenance problems to ensure repair of problem on time and with standard quality.


ADSL tasks:

  • Has ability to handle ADSL Maintenance/Home visit trouble tickets if needed.


Other Tasks:

  • Attend all Network Survey required.
  • Ready 24/7 for any incident/alarm happened in MISP network
  • Make Periodic preventive maintenance based on the plan initialled by Principle Engineer.
  • Update Principle Engineer by hardware availability.
  • Make daily check on super core site “devices status, Air Conditions, firefighting system and site environment”
  • Prepare & Present a daily report to Field service Senior Supervisor to indicate quantity and quality of closed tickets.





  • Basics of ADSL knowledge.
  • Basics of Enterprise knowledge.
  • Basics of Network knowledge.
  • Solid knowledge for AC/DC power problems.
  • Knowledge of Telecom Egypt environment


  • University Degree in telecommunication engineering.

Prior Work Experience:

  • 0-2 Years’ experience

Language Proficiency:

  • V. Good in both spoken & written English & Arabic language is required.

Problem Solving:

  • Perform the troubleshooting procedures to diagnose the ultimate, proper and prompt way to solve the customer connectivity problem with MISP high standards of services.

Planning Ahead:

  • Share with field service foremen next day tasks plan
  • Share periodic preventive maintenance plan with field Senior Supervisor.    


Skills & Abilities:


  • Microsoft office
  • Communication skills
  • Work under pressure
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Fast response to all given tasks.




  • All Filed Service Department
  • ADSL first/second line support.
  • Filed Support team.
  • Network front office team.
  • Network access team.
  • Network core team.
  • Network deployment team.
  • TE resources team.
  • Mobile Field Maintenance.
  • IT support Team


  • Telecom Egypt
  • ADSL/Enterprise Customers
  • External Vendors represented



  • Working hours: shifts basis plus on-call
  • Indoor 5 %
  • Outdoor 95 %
  • Days Off: 2 Days

Location: Based on Zone distribution




  • CCNA
  • Telecom Egypt access permission





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