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Government Relations Manager

Role Objective


  • Build strong relationships with Governors, Ministers and key stakeholders in the government sector to support EM business.
  •  Speed up network deployment and retail operations.
  •  Manage a team to renew the sites contracts signed with the government sector within the approved budget.
  • Represent EM in all auctions / tenders prepared by the government sector.
  • Reshape the external environment in the government sector to avoid any decrees may impact negatively on EM or the industry.
  •  Support the technical team by legalizing the situation of existing sites built on risk to avoid dismantle orders or any fines /penalties against EM.
  • Manage a team to renew the contracts of EM flagships signed with the government sector on the proper time.
  • Approve any BC related to the sites / flagships renewal to avoid any risk on the rental ceiling or the budget.
  • To act as a focal point of contact/liaise with Etisalat Egypt internal departments (ie: Finance, Technical, administration, sales & Legal) while addressing the assigned governorates, ministries & authorities.
  • To identify and analyze external key policies or regulations that could have a significant impact on Etisalat Egypt and develop/ recommend policy solution to address them.
  • To manage all assigned projects/cases with the governmental bodies and supreme authorities end to end.
  • To liaise with Etisalat Group to achieve/present desired objectives/messages according to the project/case handled & Etisalat Egypt goals & directions.
  • To update internal departments with any new regulations issued by the government and its impact on Etisalat business.
  • Lobbing with other mobile operators to stop any negative legislations on the industry.
  • Manage a team to grant the access for all EM sites built in governmental entities 24/7.
  • To represent Etisalat in all meetings with security authorities.
  • To ensure more saving to Etisalat in all activities with the government sector.
  • To manage a team of senior supervisors to meet their objectives.


Main Responsibilities

  • Participate in preparing Government affairs strategy & long-term plan.
  • Manage strategic projects, which may have a risk on the budget.
  • Managing relationship with the assigned –to governorates, ministries and authorities.
  • Represent the top management in public/private events upon request.
  • Managing relationship & agreements with other mobile, fixed operators and Etisalat Group.
  • Represent Etisalat Misr in any auctions / tenders organized by the government sector with a fully aligned with all concerned internal departments in Etisalat Egypt (Legal, Finance, technical, Regulatory & Commercial).
  • Negotiate and influence the governmental entities in coordination with related teams.
  • Facilitate effective communication flow from key internal stakeholders and departments to and from Government Affairs. 
  • Effectively achieve synergy in the relationships between GR and other business functions such as HR, legal, Commercial and technology management.
  • Promote internal understanding and awareness of the GR environment.
  •   Maintain extreme confidentiality and sensitivity at all times and levels.
  • Set clear objectives and KPIs for all team members and monitor their performance.

Qualifications and Experience

Essential Qualifications and Experience

  •  Bachelor degree.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in dealing with the government sector.
  • Background in telecommunications field is a necessary.
  •  A proven track record of managing high level & complexity relationships.
  • A proven track record of achieving targets, results and goals
  •  Proven experience in communicating comfortably, inclusively and clearly up, down and across a sizeable business
  • Broad diversified awareness of the know – How of the business with additional weight on the knowledge and application of line management skills
  • Specific detailed knowledge, experience and professionalism that aids in running large scope relationships and agreements.
  • Ability to build strong relationship with key stakeholders in the government sector on high level.



Desirable Qualifications and Experience

  •  Multi-profile character.
  • Advanced negotiations skills.
  • Hard worker and working under stress.
  • Organizational and motivational skills.
  • Strong writing ability mainly in Arabic language.
  • Problem solving and decision-making.
  • Strong verbal and communication skills. (Articulate/ concise)
  • Goal and results oriented.
  • Diplomacy and strategic.
  • Team and individual player.