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Customer Insight Senior Specialist

Job Details

  • Conduct pre & post marketing analysis in order to measure the effectiveness of the Marketing Plans.
  • Monitoring Business units performance by providing reviews on monthly basis analyzing the segment & promos performance in terms of revenues retention subs analysis etc..
  • Conducting pre and post launch assessment for the prepaid segment “new tariffs/promos” to highlight the risks and the opportunities coupled with recommendations and to evaluate efficiency of all promotional activities.
  • Responsible for preparing pre and post launch assessments and the related analytical aspects to provide the necessary attributes for measuring the impact of strategic initiatives, products and promotions to reach an efficient and effective decision making process
  • Responsible for conducting different analysis reviews and studies for different market segments on regular basis for the SME & SOHO GSM segment
  • Responsible for issuing different monitoring reports for the   SME & SOHO GSM segment
  • Responsible for conducting different ad-hoc analysis for different   SME & SOHO GSM segment
  • Developing the necessary models and providing the relevant information to support the budgeting, pricing and research departments to carry out their responsibilities efficiently and effectively

Qualifications Essential
-Ability to identify problems collect data establish facts and draw valid conclusions.-Excellent Computer skills- Excellent use of Excel power point and other office apps- Modelling skills
Qualifications Desirable
Commercial and Financial Background
Experience Essential
0-3 years
Experience Desirable
2 years
Experience Essential
none preferred