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Core Operations Senior Supervisor


Role Objective:

  • Supervision of voice core domain and services across CS & IMS Core Networks and User Data management systems; in order to guarantee high level of availability reliability and efficiency.
  • The role includes supervising managed services teams in order to achieve assigned targets within agreed on SLAs.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the Control and coordination of the implementation procedures related to operation, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of core Network.
  • Supervises acceptance tests for core nodes as per Etisalat’s specifications/standards and vendors’ recommendations to ensure the best performance.
  • Supervise the upgrading of the Core nodes (MSCS. MGWs, STPs, HLRs, GMSCs & EIRs, CSCF, SBG, MTAS, IPWORKS, EME, UPG and HSS) to make sure upgrade is following Etisalat Procedure.
  • Supervise the evaluation HW/SW faults in order to identify areas of concern/criticality and take it up with vendor, & follow up with vendor on the CSRs
  • Reviews reports on operations and maintenance parameters including Hardware and software fault reports in order to identify areas of concern and take it up with vendor.
  • Supervise testing new features and services on the model network to assist in the decision taking.
  • Supervise Handling all configuration on all Core network nodes to ensure alignment with Company’s standards.
  • Supervise the integration of VAS & IN nodes in order to introduce new services.
  • Solves problems raised by Revenue assurance department to ensure alignment with the department’s objectives and goals.
  • supervises troubleshooting the complaints received from call center to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Define the roaming database in different Core nodes.
  • Supervise troubleshooting any failing roaming scenario escalated from roaming team to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Coach subordinate to evaluate their performance and carry out necessary counselling to ensure acceptable level of work productivity.
  • Increase subordinate’s satisfaction by identifying their problems & finding ways to solve without opposing to business needs.
  • Identify training needs of subordinates in co-ordination with Training & Development Division to enhance their skills and attitudes.
  • Participate in the preparation and evaluation of the RFP of new systems across different departments to help in the decision making.




Qualifications Essential:

  • Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering (Major, Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering).
  • Various vendors experience.

Experience Essential

  • Minimum 5 years of experience with proficiency in the field of CS core network equipment and in mobile operators/vendors.
  • High exposure to User Data Management systems.
  • Familiar with IMS network.
  • Solid signalling background.
  • Using and administering network monitoring systems.

Qualifications Desirable:

  • Advanced Management and Leadership.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Rational Decision Making.
  • Principles of Project Management.