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Commercial Customer Experience Manager

Role Objective

Responsible for managing and driving the end to end Customer experience Journey within Etisalat across both Mobile commercial Segments. The Customer Experience program manager will be responsible for customer experience performance reviews, monitoring, observing, analyzing consumer understanding data related to the experience to drive core consumer insights for developing marketing and communication strategies.  Also reviewing the different transactional KPIs’ related the different touch points; CC, retail, Network, USSD, SMSs, Digital and service availability that will highlight the customer pain points and the customer experience gaps in order to provide/recommend the needed fixes and monitor the execution and it Impact on CE.


  1. Setting and Managing End to end customer experience achieving customer satisfaction KPIs & Target (TRI*M & NPS) :
    1. Correlating all the surveys with internal KPIs and drive actionable inputs
    2. Create a dashboard for understanding the CE performance and action planning across the different touch points
  2. Proactively drive and act on fixing current experience pain across all products and services related to each segments
    1. Define and analyze customer inquiries, requests and complains across channel, and come up with action plan to reduce customers’ efforts and pains
    2. Create related set and definitions for the customer interactions (user interfaces, user experience; notifications; creating notifications, scripts guidelines across all communication channels.
  3. Develop network experience enhancement propositions and compensation matrix per segment to ensure highest satisfaction.


  1. Monitor and provision customer experience journey across all products and services in all experience phases (I Join, I Use, I inquire/request, I Complain, I Churn..etc.)  
    1. Test ET product & Service journey with comparative analysis with competition, and propose actionable enhancements.
    2. Facilitate the development of the accountability action chain, establishing the approaches and implementation of research to understand customer loyalty and return on investment (ROI).
  2. Leading, Managing and enhancing all Channels (OMNI Channels) throughout customers’ journey
    1. Develop a unified experience across OMNI channels as per customer value
    2. Drive new strategic initiatives across all channels aiming to leverage and enhance ET channel experience to its best.
  3. Lead and manage team capability and performance to its best and drive their engagement to the maximum. 
    1. Practice and apply contentious positive coaching with clear timely and action plans
    2. Drive team development plan in-line with team needed set of skills and job objectives to be fulfilled.
  4. Manage Experience budget in a way that has a direct positive ROI impact via  CX propositions
    1. Develop profitable propositions enhancing customer experience across all segments
    2. Initiate tactical moves to has direct impact on customer NPS (i.e. drop calls, compensation matrixes..etc.


Essential Qualifications and Experience

  • Minimum of 10+ years of telecom experience.
  • The ability to give the customer experiences the attention that it deserves and drives actions.
  • Excellent analytical skills with the ability of connecting the dots between departments and initiatives, bridge conflicting agendas and providing relentless focus and discipline for driving a coordinated, systematic and sustained, organization-wide customer experience program
  • The ability for building and maintain organizational enthusiasm and overcoming the barriers to change and with the support of the C level he should be able to implement cultural change and spreading customer centricity throughout all areas of the organization.
  • Deep understanding telecom operations and awareness of the different departments and their interactions.
  • Excellent management skill and ability to communicate persuasively and effectively in verbal and written communication.
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team where organization, prioritization and sound judgment skill are essential.
  • Advanced presentation & Negotiations skills.