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Broadband & Service Core Operation Senior Engineer

Job Purpose:

Ensure the smooth operation of the core network to be aligned with the settled network availability, and to provide deep technical resolution and supportive actions required to minimize the resolution time.


Main Responsibilty:

1) Troubleshoot different type of MPLS-VRF L3/L2 instances in conjunction with dealing in different MP-BGP/VPNv4 routing context and provision appropriate service differentiators (QoS) on various circuits for optimal end to end service delivery.

2)Working on advanced features in the IP Backbone such as OSPF tuning (failure detection, dampening, flooding, SPF Computation, Tunneling Protocols (GRE, IP-IP, and L2TP), and Ethernet VLAN stacking (QinQ, Dot1q …etc.)

3) Troubleshoot different type of DSL subscriber sessions termination/aggregation in term of PPPoX protocol stack together with the subscriber management functions in term of AAA, Policy management and dynamic QoS to provide a superb broadband service delivery

4)Operating various Linux/Unix Systems OSs (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, Open Suse, Upuntu)

5)Provisioning and managing all users account settings regarding the Core Platform structure using TACACS/RADIUS platform



Essential Qualifications and Experience:

1)Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or  Communication

2)3-5 Years Experiences

3)Strong  coordination, organization, teaming and communication abilities


Desirable Qualifications and Experience:

1)Systems Administration/System Engineer certification in Unix/ Linux / Microsoft.

2)Cisco, Juniper certification.

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